The Garden of Eatin’ – Valerie and Zak Furey

The Garden of Eatin’ – Valerie and Zak Furey

We now live in a fast paced world of our technology which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Valerie and Zak 2At times, we all need to learn to put our phones and tablets down and enjoy the outdoors.  One way to re-connect with nature is to grow a garden.

Meet Valerie and Zak Furey who have taken their love of gardening to others.

Rather than figuring out the how, what, and where to gardening, Valerie and Zak can get you all set up with a garden box and teach you the basics to grow some of your own produce.

The Good Deed Brigade caught up with Valerie and Zak and find out more about their small business – Garden of Eatin’ Jax – which is based in St. Johns County Florida.

Raised Bed

What services does Garden of Eatin’ provide?

We create gorgeous Raised Bed gardens all over Northern Florida-we do it all for clients so they can just sit back, relax and enjoy fresh organic produce every day. We even maintain the gardens for them!

What varities or themes can be put into a garden created by Garden of Eatin’?

The gardens come in fun varieties such as Salad Bowl, Veggie, Juicing, Tea, Fairy, Children’s, Barbecue, Herbal and more.

What motivated you to start this interesting company?

Garden of Eatin’ was founded when we discovered a need, not only to provide people with a way to have unlimited and economical access to fresh organic produce, but also to help others enjoy the simple and beautiful things in life like nature and good health.

Gardening, feeling the soil, being outside in the fresh air and sun, taking time to sip a of cup of real herbal tea plucked fresh from the plants in your own food garden bed, cooking a special meal with crops picked just a couple of hours back… these are the things we should be living for.

What other services or products does your company provide?

We also provide a complete herbal remedies division which offers over 100 herbal formulas including extracts, teas, salves, essential oils and skincare products!

Life has become so hectic – getting outside and being one with nature while enjoying the gifts from fresh plants allows one to feel balance, joy and renewal in an often tiring world.

Nature has all the remedies we need to be thriving in complete health. In addition, we offer fun events at our beautiful lakeside location teaching about gardening and herbal medicine as well. The event schedule can be found on our Facebook page. Here is a link to the Facebook Page:

Garden of Eatin’ Jax – Facebook Page

You can also contact Garden of Eatin’ Jax directly at:

(386) 972-1891

What organizations do you help support in the community?

We are big advocates for animals and always promote in our events how important animals are for good health as well as we donate to many animal charities such as Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary and the Humane Society.

The Good Deed Brigade salutes Valerie and Zak Furey and other people other there making the community a better place and for inspiring others do do their part as well.

Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, it’s all good.

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