Super Man Gone Too Soon – Allyn Roman

Super Man Gone Too Soon – Allyn Roman

Well before the release of the very first iPhone, I have been a frequent visitor to the Apple Store here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Through the years, I have befriended a few of the sales and technical staff.

One such person, Allyn Roman, became my favorite Apple guru. I recently learned that Allyn died unexpectedly on May 22, 2020.

He was always up on technology and excited to share the new features of the latest iPhone, iPad, and other products. Within the past year, we upgraded to the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. Allyn was right there to show us the new features, including the upgraded camera, which he referred to as “tight”.

Allyn had a confident, relaxed, and positive demeanor that was always welcoming to anyone who needed help or just wanted to chat.

Of course, any time that I had a new business chip, card, or coin to distribute, Allyn would always enthusiastically take one.

We all have heroes in life, and Allyn was one of mine. Great Attitude. Super Smart. Helpful. Tech Savvy.

He was also, and most importantly, devoted to his wife and children.

While my friendship with Allyn mostly revolved around my visits to the Apple Store, I appreciated his kindness and friendship. It was a shock to hear that Allyn passed away. Today gave me a brief amount of time for reflecting on the Apple Super Hero and Super Man, Allyn Roman.

He was taken from his family and the rest of us too soon.

On reflection, I can specifically remember the times at the Apple Store that Allyn helped me work through technical issues like taking better photos and videos.

I always knew what a tech-savvy person he was, and now I see what a personable human being he was to everyone. I thought I was special, but truthfully, Allyn made all those around him feel special.

It was not just that he knew the detailed workings of an iPhone. Allyn knew how to talk to people and make them feel good and valued.

It is a shame that Allyn will not be around for the years to come for his family, friends, co-workers, or anyone else he could have and would have helped with some advice, kind words, or just a smile.

Today, I informed a good friend of mine about the recent passing of Allyn Roman. My friend did not know Allyn and never met him. However, my friend could see from the Go Fund Me Page what a wonderful man Allyn was and how Allyn touched the lives of many people with his unselfish acts, kindness, and relaxed personality.

My friend encouraged me to let others know about Allyn and direct them to the Go Fund Me Page to assist his family with his funeral and memorial.

Go Fund Me Page for
Memorial and Funeral for Allyn Roman


The Good Deed Brigade salutes Allyn Roman and other people out there making the community a better place and for inspiring others to do their part as well.

Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, it’s all good.

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Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade,
it’s all good.

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