The mission of the Good Deed Brigade is to promote the actions and kindness of people making a difference in the community. By completing this mission, the Good Deed Brigade hopes to encourage others to do their part to make the community a better place.

The Good Deed Brigade is a movement and concept focusing on the positive that all people need in a world that is often-times filled with actions and efforts quite to the contrary.  The Good Deed Brigade is a force of many people for change, compassion, and humanity.

Being part of the Good Deed Brigade can be as simple as a compliment to another person or a random act of kindness.   It starts with a sincere desire to be kind to others and make a difference.

There are no ranks or awards that are part of the Good Deed Brigade because all good deeds play their part in making a difference. Encouraging people to do their best and to help others is not necessarily an original or unique concept, but it is nonetheless so important.

Help the Good Deed Brigade get out the word and the forces of good that are vital for our present and future well being.  For those of you already doing some good out there by small acts of kindness as well as bigger ones, the Good Deed Brigade salutes you.

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Thanks for visiting the Landing Page for the Good Deed Brigade.  Make a difference today and tomorrow with your good deeds.