Good Deed Brigade – Life Lessons and Inspiration From A Through Z covers the basic theme and spirit of the Good Deed Brigade by highlighting keywords that can be built into actions on a daily basis.

From kids to teens to adults, everyone can take something from this book and make a difference.

The beginning of the book consists of a page for each of the following:  Mission of the Good Deed Brigade, Encouraging and Promoting Good Deeds, and Good Deed Brigade – Call to Action.  Thereafter, there is a page for each letter of the alphabet with words of inspiration that hopefully will encourage you and others to do your fair share of good deeds out there.

Here are the key words in the book that are covered with an illustration, a definition, and an action statement:

Assist  –  Believe  –  Care  –  Deed  –  Effort  –  Find  – Give  –  Help  –  Improve  –  Job  –  Kindness  –  Lead  –  Might  –  Need  – Opportunity  –  Quality  –  Resolution  –  Salute  –  Teamwork  –  Unite  –  Wonderful  –  X (marks the spot)  –  Yes  –  Zip

Get this book for free by going to the Contact Us Page and sending us a request for the book.  At this time, the book is available as an e-book and will be e-mailed to you.   Please share the book with others and do your best every day to make the community a better place by filling it with kindness and good deeds.